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About Erika  

Hi! I was born and raised in Japan where people believe in harmony with nature and all living creatures. Growing up, I walked in the emperor's palace garden in Kyoto daily with my grandmother which helped form my dream and passion. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to create something to make people happy and entertain!  

As an adult, I continued to follow my passion and made a movie or two... with zero interested in spirituality. A total believer of "work hard" "Do stuff and make it happen!" But fate intervened. a good friend of mine asked me to do a manifestation program with him. I did it to further accomplish my dream but instead of manifesting my dream, this manifestation program actually lead me to my awakening in 2010. 

Without any conscious effort I found myself falling into the role of an empath and clairaudient.  I was then that I realized I myself had inherited quite a lot of negative programming since I was in my mother's womb. So I started so self-healing work such as meditation and other popular self-healing methods daily. But it was too slow for me and I felt super frustrated. Fortunately, my guides, the Archangels lead me to a rapid transformation method called "Matrix Energetics." All I needed was 1 session and the judgemental negative voice, that I used to hear all the time in my head was gone! I was super impressed and became a Matrix Energetics practitioner in 2012 and received my certification from the founder, Dr. Richard Bartlett in 2013. It changed my life and that of many others. indeed, I started to re-gain my  galactic histories and connections and finally got full consciousness as a Starseed in 2016 via BQH sessions and then became a practitioner. 

Now that we have our polite introductions and formalities out of the way, we will work in gentle harmony to co-create a wonderful story of your life by using Matrix Energetics® (a complete system of a rapid transformation by accessing the quantum field and encompasses a new state of being, accessing new possibilities) and powerful regression methods such as BQH (a flexible heart energy modality to transform you and go beyond the boundaries of perceived limitations) and Galactic Regression and Twin Flame Regression

These transformation methods will provide us with a way to assist you to connect you with divine essense and allow you to go deep into your subconscious mind to visit past, future,parallel realities and other lives to anser your questions/issues and mix with other modalities as well as help you to create the best version of your story/movie called “life.”

I will help you to tailor your own hero’s journey. Physical reality is a roll of film with many different frames. Each frame represent a series of “now” moment to form the unique story of your life. Together we will edit those frames and co-create a wonderful story!    

Matrix Energetics Practitioner 
Matrix Energetics Spacial Clairvoyance
Matrix Energetics Fundamentals
Matrix Energetics Magic
Matrix Energetics Mastery 
Garcia Innergetics Level 1,2,3
NLP certifieied Practitoner
BQH Practitioner

Co-Story Creation Session  
Available via Zoom. (download the free app) BQH&MATRIX ENERGETICS COMBO SESSION TO GET MAXIMUM EFFECT! Do you feel stuck? Repeating the same cycle over and over? Lookng for a rapid transformation? This is it! The session we are co-creating will be your own best movie. By dropping beliefs and accessing new possibilities you will create the best version of yourself and transform fast. You will also get an access to your higher self and higher beings to provide advices to drop old beliefs, patterns and habit  in the most effective manner. They know you the best and how to change you fast! You are the star of your own show, and now is the time to start writing a new chapter of your life. may have some profound past life/future life/5D (5th Dimension) experiences. All you need to do is relax, stay present and surrender. The session includes pre/post interviews. 

Rapid Transformation Session 
Available via Zoom (download the free app) Experiencing slow change? Want to speed up your transformation? Add an extra kick to what you are already doing for your self-transformation? This session is perfect for you. I use various healing modalities (Matrix energetics, Garcia Innergetics, 24 fields…etc) to focus on dropping all levels of former beliefs (this lifetime and beyond, including off-earth lifetimes) that is not serving you and remove any energetic ties holding you where you are at. So you can transform fast! You are the star of your own movie. So let’s let go of everything that is not serving you and raise your basic vibration level to create the life you want to come to you in a breeze. You manifest your reality based on what you believe in, not solely based on what you desire. Dropping a belief is the best way to transform yourself. The session includes pre/post interviews. 

BQH Session
Available via Zoom (download the free app) Do you want to solve your problems? BQH provides the way to access the best consultant and adviser, your guidance team! Together we dip into your theta wave (meditative) state where you may have some profound past life/future life or 5D (5th Dimension) experience and get answer from your guidance team (higher self, subconscious mind, galactic beings, divine self etc) Ask 10 questions to higher beings to resolve your issues. All you need to do is relax and stay present and surrender. I will guide you and support you during this propound discovery session. The session includes pre/post interviews. 

Galactic Regression
Available via Zoom (download the free app) Wondering about your star heritage or connections? This session connects you to your star origins and your galactic history through heart-centered regression method. We dip into theta brain wave state together where you may have some profound galactic experience. Ask any questions to your galactic teams. All you need to do is relax and stay present and surrender. I will guide you and support you during this propound session. The session includes pre/post interviews. 

Twin Flame Regression
Available via Zoom (download the free app) Do you have your twin flame partner? Are you going through a challenging journey to go through?  Wondering do you have a twin flame or wondering if your partner is the one? What's is your purpose for having this relationship in this lifetime? Need some energy work on this relationship? I will guide you to go through a series of twin flame regressions and Q&A with a higher being to answer all twin flame related questions. The session includes pre/post interviews. 

Rapid Tramsformation Guidance Session 
Need a quick vibrational tune-up or coaching through NLP&coaching? I'm here for you. I can guide you to the next step to further your transformation!  I can help you to see the issue you are facing from a higher perspective via one on one coaching session.

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Private Coaching
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